Quality protection materials for construction sites

We are an importer/wholesaler from Finland est. 2002. Our auxiliary business name is RS-Tarvike, our mother company is Pakkauspörssi Oy (VAT no: FI17386413).

Our main products are protection materials for construction sites. Our customers are construction companies and hardware stores. Our turnover 2018 was 3,3 Mil € and 2019 estimated over 4 Mil €.

We have AAA, the highest creditworthiness: AAA rating model.

RS-Tarvike is a supplier of the biggest family-owned paint shop in Finland, RTV-Yhtymä Oy, which has over 30 stores. We have just begun to do business with Finland's biggest hardware store, K-rauta they have over 140 shops in Finland.

RS-Tarvike / Pakkauspörssi Oy